Sunday, 3 February 2013

Important to be blogging in English class

A blog is a place where you can voice your opinions and receive constructive criticism. 
I think blogging is an essential part of english class because it gives us a chance to tell people what you think about different matters in a less direct and personal way. By writing blog posts, people can also come to understand you and get to know you better. An example of this was when a boy in grade 7 called Solal wrote a blog post about how he thought he was way different than everyone else and how he finds it very hard to make friends. I think this was brave and has made people think twice about him. I think both the positive and negative comments he got from that post have probably boosted his self esteem, which might make it easier for him to try and make new friends.
I don't think everyone should write posts like Solal's all the time because that would quickly become boring. You should write about what you are passionate about and what you believe in, this is also easier than having to write an essay about a subject you have no interest it. We should continue blogging in English and give each other well meaning criticism. 

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